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Rapido e Facil

We are the biggest
Distribuitor of Tobacco and Convinience products in Portugal

With vast experience in the distribution sector and a close relation with retailers, Midsid has become a key partner for manufacturors that need a swift and assertive approach towards the portuguese market.

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Diverse product offerings

Suited to market trends that fully satisfy our customers' necessities

Own and exclusive brands

Products that bring added value and differentiation to you and your customers

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Where you can place orders, check your transaction account and have access to all the Promotional Campaigns we have available for you

Multichannel customer service

Order wherever and whenever you want thanks to the many available options, Web, Call Center and Email

Efficient distribution

A powerfull logistical capacity with the most up-to-date systems to ensure a high level of service

Nationwide coverage

An integrated sales force, to be closer to our customers, guarantee our responsiveness capabilities and the quality of our services

Logista Group

Midsid is part of the Logista Group, which had it's origins in Spain, in the Tabacalera Distribution Division, from which it split-off in 1999

Since then, Logista Group has maintained strong and constant growth, turning itself into a market leading group in the logistics services in Europe, being the main distributor of tobacco and tobacco accessories, convinience products, electronic top-ups, pharmaceutical products, publications and lotteries, amongst others, in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal covering around 300.000 retail sale points.

Logista Group has become the first european distributor to introduce into its operations compliance with the European Union's directive in the matters of traceability, registering and monitoring all the tobacco product movements it distrubutes, from the moment they are manufactured, to the momento in which they were made available to the consumer, guaranteeing their full traceability, even at the minimum order quantity.

In Portugal the Logista Group also has a leading position in the freight sector where it operates under the brands Nacex by Logista and Logista Freight, and also renders a comprehensive distribution service the the pharmaceutical industry, through Logista Pharma.

Our values


We attach enormous importance to environmental policy, and integrate it into our corporate strategy, being comitted to minimizing and optimizing resource usage preventing polution and environmental impact in our processes.

Logista Group has been recognized and a sustainability world leader at CDP "A List 2021" for the 6th consecutive year

Social Responsibility

Since its inception, the Logista Group has evolved in accordance with a vertical behaviour, based on ethical, corporate, social, environmental, economic and transparency values.

We keep an active commitment with several social, humanitarian, well-being and social integration initiatives supporting and employing disabled people at risk of exclusion as a way to help them integrate into the job market.

We contribute to non-profit foundations and organizations, intended to support and give a humanitarian response, social well-being and integration of the most vulnerable groups in society.

We have a strong Social Responsibility Policy that ensures respect human rights, work, the environment and the fight against curroption.


Our employees are fundemental in reaching our goals. Respect, iniative, effort and professionalism guide the conduct of those that work with us. These values are expressly included in the Group's Code of Conduct.

Logista Gruop is equally commited to the  diversity, the equal opportunity and non-discrimination in every form, having been recognized as on of the most inclusive companies in Europe by "Diversity Leader 2021" in the Financial Times.